Stan Flemming, D.O., has been a general in the U.S. Army, the first mayor of University Place, Washington, a state representative and a family medicine physician.


He was even on the short list of candidates for Surgeon General in 1995.


Now Flemming is getting in on a relatively new trend in medical care: physicians working on-site in nursing homes and rehab centers.


Flemming recently joined Life Care Center of Puyallup, Washington, and at Life Care Center of South Hill, also in Puyallup, as an on-site doctor. In this position, he is serving as an attending physician to patients.


Flemming’s presence in the building helps enhance physician accessibility to patients and families, and he aids in hospital transitions and pharmacy communications. Being on-site allows him to personally respond to medical changes or emergencies in a timely manner.


“I have been very interested over the past four years in the leading-edge health care delivery model that Life Care employs throughout its facilities,” said Flemming. “The true focus on the delivery of high-quality care, attention to detail, reducing health care costs and shortening length of stays in costly hospital settings is a model that should be emulated on a national level. The idea of myself moving from being an observer of the system to a participant is exciting for me personally and professionally.”


Flemming doesn’t work alone in caring for patients, however. Nurses, certified nursing assistants, therapists, social workers and other health care professionals work together with him to meet residents’ needs and expectations. In fact, he is joining Dr. William Elledge, who is currently also serving as an on-site physician at Life Care Center of Puyallup.


“We are excited about Dr. Stan Flemming joining our team as our on-site physician,” said Karen Williams, executive director at Life Care Center of South Hill. “We welcome his expertise and superior clinical skills, knowing that he will be instrumental in our program development.”


Board certified in family medicine, Flemming earned his doctorate in osteopathic medicine from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. He also completed a fellowship from the University of Southern California School of Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles and holds two master’s degrees: one in human relations and social psychology from Pacific Lutheran University and one in national security and strategic planning from the United States Naval War College.


Flemming is married to Martha Flemming of University Place. They have three children: Emily, Drew and Claire.